Helpathon: Denk mee over onderwijs over proefdiervrij onderzoek (


Helpathon: Think about education about animal-free research

Science is evolving, more and more research is becoming possible without the use of laboratory animals. In order for this shift within science to proceed smoothly and quickly, it is important that the new generation of researchers is included. Would you like to think about how education about animal-free innovations can be optimally designed? Then register for the ‘Helpathon’ on February 29 and March 1.

Researchers in training are not always well informed about current developments regarding animal-free innovations. It is therefore important that they receive good education about this and build a network that can help in the transition to animal-free research.

During the Helpathon, you and other experts, teachers, policymakers and leading scientists will think about the best possible education program for this. Professor and head of the Physiology Department Jolanda van der Velden and assistant professor at the Physiology Department Elza van Deel call on you to participate in this video: