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Hordijk, Peter #54267 - 9132-aLa-1

Peter Hordijk




The integrity of the vascular wall is dependent on proper cell-cell contact between endothelial cells. This cell-cell contact is mediated by VE (Vascular Endothelial)-cadherin (CD144), a calcium-dependent homotypic adhesion molecule. The adhesive function of VE-cadherin is regulated in a dynamic fashion by both extracellular stimuli (VEGF, TNF, thrombin, as well as vessel wall stiffness, etc) and intracellular signalling. For the regulation of VE-cadherin, its link to the actin cytoskeleton, via its intracellular domain, is essential.

To increase our molecular insights in these events, our group focuses on the regulation of actin dynamics in the context of endothelial integrity. We are particularly interested in the role and regulation of Rho-like GTPases. We use a range of in vitro approaches including biochemical assays, high resolution imaging and electrical resistance measurements of endothelial monolayers. Recently, we identified several ubiquitin ligases that specifically regulate Rho proteins and, in this way, control endothelial integrity.
Related research activities aim to link our molecular studies in endothelial cells to human disease. In collaboration with our colleagues from the clinic, we focus specifically on hypertensive disorders and cardiac disease related to diastolic dysfunction.


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